Our Hard Services Offer

Our hard services package is delivered by a proactive skilled team. We ensure that our engineers are totally integrated into the workings of your business, ensuring that they are on hand when needed whether that be on static, mobile sites or on a reactive basis.  Our team are always fully inducted into our clients’ buildings, which ensures smooth operation and timely close out, even out of hours.


Our service encompasses all M&E and fabric elements, from statutory requirements to must haves for your building.


The MJFS approach to delivery ensures that you:

  • Fully compliant with current legislation and regulations
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Extend the life of your assets
  • Minimise unforeseen breakdowns

Our Delivery

We work proactively from exacting PPM planning, to ensuring that statutory obligations are met and down time of plant is kept to a bare minimum. When issues do arise, we have a team of engineers ready to assist, both in and out of hours.


Our hard services are led by contract managers, supported by our helpdesk ensuring that when you need us most, we are there.


We offer bespoke maintenance packages tailored to SFG20, and our services are delivered by mobile engineers when there isn’t a requirement to be based on site, but also offer static site solutions which are tailored to your exacting requirements.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?